Scorpio Tattoos designs For Girls

Scorpio Tattoos

Scorpio Tattoos

Scorpio Tattoos 2011 Fashion

Scorpio Tattoos designs For Girls A scorpion is often related to the dark and hence intimidates people. Therefore, a scorpion tattoo is loved for its striking and intriguing design. Men and women who love mystery and enigma will definitely love to have Scorpio tattoo designs done on their bodies. Another advantage of the Scorpio Tattoos is that it can be adorned on any part of the body and it will never fail to capture attention and interest. It can be made on the arms, shoulders, legs, abdomen, back or even feet. There are several Scorpio tattoo designs to choose from.
You can either design your own tattoo, go for the colorful Scorpio tattoos, or even have the Celtic or the tribal Scorpio tattoo designs done.

Scorpio Tattoos Pictures

Scorpio Tattoos

Scorpio tattoo designs for girls and guys are more or less the same. Girls can have smaller and delicate Scorpio tattoos on their wrists, ankles or arms whereas the Scorpio tattoo designs for guys comprise of brighter and exotic colors.

Guys can even have large Scorpio tattoo on their arms or upper backs. Read more on tribal tattoos.Most of the time, the Scorpio tattoo is made by people who belong to the zodiac sign Scorpio. People born from 23rd October to 22nd November belong to the the sun sign Scorpio and hence they love to have the symbol of their zodiac sign on their body. Therefore Scorpio tattoo designs are used to signify all the qualities associated with the Scorpio zodiac sign .

It stands for determination, dignity, self confidence, sensuality and devotion. There are several references of a Scorpio in Greek mythology, the Bible and also in Buddhist cultures.Celtic and the tribal Scorpio tattoos are believed to keep off evil spirits as well as stings of a scorpion. One of the lesser known meanings of a Scorpio tattoo is the symbol of supreme maternal sacrifice. A Scorpio tattoo also symbolizes victory of the supreme over the evil or over the dark. Scorpio tattoos are also made in several forms, like the one with its tail coiled, or the other with its its tail as sharp as a needle. Scorpio tattoo designs can also be made by combining other designs like flames, initials of one’s name, etc. to personalize it. You can use your creativity and imagination and create your own designs.

More Scorpio Tattoos Pictures.

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